Removal of the Kent Access Permit

Since January 2021, you have been required to hold a Kent Access Permit (KAP) when travelling through Kent to the port of Dover and Folkestone terminal in order to minimise road disruption and prevent delays. The KAP is no longer a requirement when moving through Kent.

What Was the Kent Access Permit?

The KAP was used as a tool to ensure that all hauliers that were making their way to the Kent ports had all of the customs paperwork required. Those who did not hold the necessary paperwork could face fines.

Many people agree that the KAP was necessary in order to avoid major delays and traffic build up for those entering the port of Dover and Folkestone terminal, whilst hauliers got used to the changes to customs and, with the addition of Coronavirus, ensuring that hauliers had their test prior to arriving at the port.

Why Was the Kent Access Permit Removed?

Officials believe that as hauliers are now used to the changes to the new customs processes, there is no longer a real need for the KAP and removal of it will mean that drivers have less paperwork to complete, making their journey less stressful.

The movable barrier that was placed between junctions 8 and 9 on the M20 as part of the Operation Brock scheme, which sought to divide traffic and reduce the risk of delays, has also been removed but is ready to be put into action again if it is necessary in the future.

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