Freightlink Reload Awarded TCF Elite Forwarder Certificate

Freightlink reload was recently awarded a TCF (Trans Certified Forwarder) Elite certificate! This means that we have been recognised for our excellent level of service within the freight-forwarding industry.

What is the TCF Elite Certificate?

tcf elite certificateThe TCF Elite certificate is awarded to businesses who have shown that they are reliable and reputable. To obtain the certificate your ratings, comments and references must showcase that you are a brand that is worthy of the award. Your customers must leave good reviews after having positive experiences with you. Making sure that we pay on time and our documents and insurance policies are up-to-date is also part of the vital criteria that has enabled us a chance at obtaining the award. With this certificate you can be reassured that we are both trustworthy and reliable, helping you to relax in the knowledge that your goods will be taken care of!

Winning this certificate means that we have been recognised for several things including our reliability, our honesty and our punctuality. Here, at Freightlink Reload we strive to always deliver an excellent standard of service, we want you to be able to transport your goods as simply and as stress-free as possible. Our solution aims to deliver a service that you can trust to transport your goods as safely and securely as possible, the TCF Elite certificate proves that this is something that we are known for providing.

Our customers are at the forefront of our brand and we are proud to be able to display the TCF Elite certificate as proof of this! Making sure that you have a positive experience with us is the most important thing that we can deliver.

"Being a recipient of this certificate is something we’re really proud of. Our team works hard to deliver a great service and the TCF Elite certificate helps us to share that fact with our customers"

Kevin Tracey, Head of Freightlink Reload

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