9 Reasons Why Freightlink Reload is the Freight Forwarder For You

New customs procedures were introduced at the end of the transition period on the 1st January 2021. From this date, you may have noticed a big shift in the way in which you conduct trade, leaving you feeling more uncertain about how you are going to ensure that your goods reach their destination on time. Freightlink Reload is here to offer solutions to your freight forwarding issues!


Customs procedures have been a daunting task for anybody who needs to exchange goods between the UK and EU member countries, including Northern Ireland. With the addition of Covid-19’s impact on business, making sure your goods reach their destination on time has never been more important.

Fortunately, we have an integrated solution to help you. We are able to offer customs procedures as part of our freight-forwarding service and will liaise with customs agents across the UK on your behalf, enabling you to get your customs declarations, T1 documents, SSD/ENS and Port Passes sorted when you book through us.


Freightlink Reload are able to offer fully comprehensive CMR insurance on your goods. This means that if there is an accident that causes damage to your goods, you will be able to claim the entire cost of the damages back, something that you would not normally get with regular insurance under these circumstances.

Dedicated Account Manager

When you use Freightlink Reload you will also have a dedicated account manager who will ensure that your goods are taken care of. They will keep you updated every step of the way.

ADR Shipments

We can organise your ADR (dangerous / hazardous goods) freight movements for you, so you don’t need to spend time worrying about making special requests or navigating various rules. This gives you more time to focus on the things that matter to you and your business.

Sea Freight

We work alongside an experienced team at Freightlink Solutions to help organise your freight ferries for goods that are being transported between the UK and the EU. This helps to make the entire freight forwarding process simple and stress-free!

Domestic Loads

We can also help you to transport your goods within the UK and are able to organise -

  • Articulated lorries

  • Tail-lifts

  • Vans

  • Moffet trucks

And more to help your goods to reach their destination.

Waste Carrier Licence

We hold a waste carrier licence and are very experienced in moving plastic and paper recycling into the EU and throughout the UK

TCF Elite Certificate

We were recently awarded the TCF (Trans Certified Forwarder) Elite Certificate so you know that you can always expect both a trustworthy and excellent standard of service when you use Freightlink Reload. 

The TCF Elite certificate is awarded to businesses who have shown that they are reliable and reputable. To obtain the certificate your ratings, comments and references must showcase that you are a brand that is worthy of the award. Your customers must leave good reviews after having positive experiences with you. Making sure that we pay on time and our documents and insurance policies are up-to-date is also part of the vital criteria that has enabled us a chance at obtaining the award.

Experienced Team

We are made up of an experienced team of industry experts. Throughout the past eight years Freightlink Reload has seen and overcome a multitude of challenges and obstacles, making us suited to tackle any problems that head our way and putting us in a great position to help you!

We are dedicated to helping you! When you use Freightlink Reload you know that everything is being taken care of. If you want to learn more about the services we offer call Kevin on 07741 260781 or Kate on 07876 861443. Alternatively you can email the reload team at reload@freightlink.co.uk.